The Powerful Anti-Oxidant Called Bitter Leaf

Bitter Leaf as its popular called in Nigeria is a very common plant in western Africa. The plant got the name 'Bitter Leaf' from its very bitter taste.
This vegetable is also very affordable and can be purchase at every local market in the country. Bitter leaf serves various purposes as it can be used to prepare lots of delicacies and also possess healing and nourishing benefits.

Bitter leaf is also very common amongst the Nigerian tribes, the Igbos call it onugbu, The Yorubas called it Ewuro, while bitter leaf is called chusa-doki shawaka in Hausa Language. However the scientific name for the leaf is vernonia amygdalina.

Traditionalist also use this plant to aid the treatment of several ailments. In this article we are going to discuss about some of major uses of this awesome plant.

Medical Uses and Benefit of Bitter Leaf.

Bitter leaf is very rich in vitamins, some of the vitamins that can be derived from bitter leaf are;
Vitamin A - which aids good vision, metabolism and also boost the body immune system.
Vitamin B1 & B2 - Provides the body energy and helps maintain good eyesight.
Which are some of the reasons why it serves as a home remedy to several ailments. There are various methods which bitter leaf can be used for treatment but the common way is by washing the leaves thoroughly and then squeezing it. The nutrient gotten from the bitter leaf has so much health benefits in the human body. People drink the juice to keep the body healthy and boost the body immune system against viruses.

According to medical researchers, drinking several cups of bitter leaf juice a day can help in following ways;

  • - The juice when applied to the infected areas of the skin, clears skin infections such as acne, rash, ring worm, eczema etc.
  • -Patients suffering from malaria often drink bitter leaf juice because the leaf has an anti-malaria substance known as Quinine, which can is capable of acting on malaria parasites attacking the body immune system.
  • -Doctors advice patients who are prone to diabetes to take bitter leaf often so as to reduce the level of sugar in their blood. This has proven to be quite helpful for the elderly.
  • -People suffering from stomach upset, Pile, or Liver problems often seek bitter leaf juice as a remedy and often get positive results in most cases.
  • -People suffering from Arthritis or rheumatism often use bitter leaf to heal swollen joints by massaging thoroughly.
  • - Drinking several cups of bitter leaf juice a days helps fight fatigue and therefore strengthening the body muscles.

One of the most preferred method of using bitter leaf is by cooking. The vegetable can be used to prepare many types of meals mostly soups. However the most common is bitter leaf soup because its widely preferred by Nigerian tribes.

Bitter leaf is one of the best herbal remedies in Nigeria today, people often grow bitter leaf in their homes because of its benefits. We hope to discover many more benefits of this awesome plant as time goes on.

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