Bitter Kola: The great African Health Remedy

Bitter Kola is quite famous in Africa for its cultural and traditional uses. In Nigeria, traditional events such as Weddings and Child naming ceremonies aren't complete without Kolanuts. However these seed is also very medicinal. In Nigeria its regarded as one of the most immune boosting plant seed.
After reading this article you will definitely want to boost your immune system by chewing some bitter kola. I'll also be talking about some awesome health benefits you probably didn't know you could derived by taking bitter kola often.

Bitter (Garcinia) Kola plants can be found in western and central africa. The plants seed are brown in color and are very bitter in taste. That's how it got the name 'Bitter Kola'.
Bitter Kola is preferred by the elderly because of its cultural and medicinal values and feared by kids because of its bitter taste. Garcinia Kola is so bitter that african parents often scared their kids by threatening to give them Kola Nuts instead, if they refuse to take their drugs when the fall sick.

Below are some of the health benefits of Garcinia Kola.

-Boost Body Immune System
Bitter Kola possess antibiotics, which detoxify the body systems when ingested. According to a researcher with the Nigerian Natural Medicine Development Agency(NNMDA), Mrs Nwokeke, Bitter Kola possess a chemical known as Saponin which is capable of enhancing the functions of the liver and gall bladder by cleaning these vital organs.

The agency also believes that Bitter Kola possess antibacterial and cleansing properties which helps fight effects of infectious disease such as HIV/AIDs.

Bitter Kola is also well known to help boost your body immune system against all forms of cough and cold symptoms. Its contains dimeric flavonoid, lipase inhibitor which acts effectively on the body respiratory organs, thereby acting on Nasal Congestion, soar throat and coughs.

Herbal experts also use bitter Kola to treat malaria and its symptoms. The plant seed which is known to act as an antibiotic is very useful in the treatment of malaria symptoms.
So if you ever feel you coming down with an unexplainable fever its advisable to ingest a few Kola seeds. This will help fight malaria parasites in the body.

- Boost Male Fertility
Bitter Kola is widely known for its ability to increase fertility in men. Although this fact has been debated amongst health experts but traditionalist believe this to be very true, so therefore they prescribe kolanut to male youths in rural area who are suffering from impotence.
There are several alcoholic drinks in the market today which are believed to be made from the substance obtained from bitter kola as this its has proven to help performance in bed by increasing the flow of blood to the genital area.

-Helps boost eye sight.
Traditional healer prescribe bitter kola to their patient who are suffering from Glaucoma (Eye Pressure).

-Helps Treat Osteoarthritis.
Patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis use bitter kola as a remedy for the pains derived from swelling, this therefore enables them move more efficiently.
For now, these are the major medical benefits of Bitter Kola, However, as time goes by, more health benefits will be discovered.

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