What you didn't know about the African Star Apple(Udara)

The African Star Apple(African Cherry) popularly called Agbalumo in yoruba and Udara in Igbo language is a sweet nutritious fruit which can be found mostly in West African countries like Nigeria, Benin Republic, Cote d' Ivoire, Cameroon etc. The botanical name of this cherry is Chrysophyllum albidum. The fruit is very rich in vitamins and irons, thereby having various health benefits.

The African Cherry is also very affordable. This seasonal fruit is grown in the low land rain forest zone and can be purchased usually during the dry seasons all through March. Unlike most fruits, the African cherries are usually left to drop to the ground before they are pick and sold. The fruit is brown in color. African Cherry skin is also edible and it contains vitamins which nourish the body. The sweet taste of this exotic fruit makes kids love the Star Apple so much. The seeds are small and dark-brown in color. African Kids often used the seed to play local games.

Below are some benefits of White Star Apple.
The vitamin and minerals properties which the White Star Apple(Agbalumo/Udara) possess makes it a very good home remedy to several ailments. Traditionalist depend on this fruit so much because of its health benefits to adults and children. They use the bark for the treatment of malaria and yellow fever.

According to health researchers at the department of Biological Sciences, College of Science and Technology, Covenant University Ogun State in Nigeria, One is the major health benefits of this locally grown cherry is its ability to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. Its believed that eating the African cherry several times daily can also prevent and treat heart diseases.

Health Researchers also believe anti-oxidants which the African star apple possess can be used to treat patients who are suffering from diabetes and can also be used to fight Cancer.
According to Health Researchers, the star apple is very rich in Vitamin C. The fruit contains way more vitamin C than citrus fruits such as oranges, lime and guava.

African Star Apple has also proven to be a very good remedy for ailments such as sore throat and tooth ache. The calcium in the cherry is very good for the bones and the teeth.
Petrochemicals such as Tannins, flavonoids, terpenoids, proteins, carbohydrates and resins can also be extracted from Chrysophyllum albidum, several raw materials can be obtained and can then be use for industrial purposes.

The leaf and the seed of the African star apple serves several purposes to the human skin. The leaf can be used to manufacture moisturizers that soften and smoothen the skin and to also treat skin irritation, it can also be used to treat stomachache and diarrhea. While the Udara seed can be used to make ointment which are used to treat vaginal infections and other form of skin infections, this is because of is strong anti-bacterial properties.

Now that you know most of the health benefits of the african star apple, go get one today and enjoy the sweet taste of this exotic and nutritious african fruit.

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