Herbal Remedies Commonly Used in West Africa

Herbal medicine are still being used for treatment in most parts of the world, in West Africa, traditional medication is the oldest form of treatment. Till today most people depend on herbal medication for the treatment of ailments and it still proves to be very helpful. 

In the rural areas in Nigeria, people prefer to use medicinal plants which were prescribed to them by the local herbalist, due to the fact that this form of treatment is less expense and easy accessible. An example of a local herbal remedy from Nigeria is "Agbo". This is made from the decoction of roots and bark of a specific tree. This local herb is used in the treatment of Malaria fever and its symptoms, Stomach aches etc.

Herbal products are also very popular in West Africa, They are sold in the market as beverages, spices, alcoholic drinks or simply as medicinal mixture. The youths and elderly prefer the alcoholic drinks because of its cultural values. Herbs will always be very essential for human well-being, below is a list of herbal home remedies to several ailments.

Bitter Leaf – This plant contains an anti-malaria substance called quinine. Squeezing and drinking bitter leaf juice can cure and prevent malaria and its symptoms, Bitter leaf juice can also be used skin infection like acne and ring worm.

Ginger – this is another herb spices with various health benefits due to its therapeutic properties. The compound responsible its medical properties is known as Gingerol. Ginger can be used to easy pains caused by cramps. Ginger can also be used as a remedy for vomiting and also for nose congestion.

Garlic – The medicinal substance in garlic is called allicin. Garlic is commonly known as as a herb spice but garlic can also be used as a home remedy for cough and cold symptoms. Garlic is also recommend for good heart health because the aids the blood circulatory system and also for arthritis because it help to reduce the pains.

Salt and Warm Water - Sore throat can be a major discomfort because of the pain which is sometimes accompanied by an itch. This can also cause difficulties in swallowing and a mixture of salt and water is a common remedy for sore throats by simply adding a tea spoon of salt in a cup of warm water gargling. Do this several time a day.

Kola Nut - In West Africa, Kola nut is well known for its traditional and medicinal uses. Kola possess antibacterial and cleansing properties which tackles ailments that destroy the immune system. Its is common reffered to bitter kola because of its bitter taste. Herbalist used the plant seed to treat malaria, cough and cold symptoms and other form of sickness. Bitter kola is also known to boost fertility in males who are suffering from impotency and also to increase eye sight of Glaucoma patients.

There are also home herbal remedies that are yet to be discovered, many of which are from Africa. If you have more african home remedies, Kindly share.

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