Important African Facts and Health Benefits of Okra(lady fingers)

Many may not be aware of the medicinal value this plant possess but today I'm going explain why africans love Okra so much. The scientific name for this plant is Abelmoschus esculentus. Okra which is also know as lady fingers or gumbo(Portuguese) is a native of the north-east african region and is cultivated usually in the warm regions. Plant such as herbiscus and cotton also share the same family group with okra. This plant has a very deep nutrition history in africa as it was first discovered in Ethiopia during the colonial era.

Okra can also be used to in making salads and stew, but in west africa, okra is mainly used to prepare a native delicacy known as Okra soup, its is also called 'draw soup' in Nigeria because of the sticky effect it has when cooked. Okra soup is very popular and easy to prepared. This dark green skin plant is cut into tiny pieces when prepared. The edible seed pod help produce a sweet aroma when garnish when various ingredients. Okra contain a high level of protein and its also very rich in fiber.

The seed pod in okra are also a good source of vitamin K, which plays a major role in the strengthening on the human bone. Research have shown that okra water and okra also serve various medicinal purposes which will be discussed in this post.

In west africa, Okra soup recommended for people who are watching their weight and also for diabetic patient are mindful of their blood sugar. Okra is recommend for over-weight people because of its ability to lower cholesterol, thereby preventing all kinds of cardiovascular diseases. Also, the fiber quantity it possess helps subdue the feeling of hunger, thereby increasing the chances of weight loss.

Okra is known to be very nutritious containing about 13milligrams of vitamin C, 1.5grams of protein, 5.8grams of carbohydrate, 257 milligrams of potassium and 50 milligram calcium, these are some of the quantity of nutrients that can be gotten from cooked or sliced okra.
Just like most the plant I had reviewed in previous posts on health Afiq, Okra is also an oxidant due to the high level of Vitamin C. 

Therefore Okra can help boost the boost immune system and protect against infectious agent and diseases. You may also be surprise to know that okra can also improve eye sight, this is because the seed pods of okra are rich in Vitamin A and carotene which are perfect for good eyesight and can also cure sight related issues. Traditionalist in the rural areas in Nigeria who solely rely on herbal treatment often recommend this vegetable for good vision.

Okra can also be prescribed to patient by drinking the water. In this method the pods are soaked for a long duration, thereby allowing all the nutrients contained in the pods and skin to be completely absorbed into the water. The has helped to treat diseases such as diabetes. To many it is seen as the quickest and mostly natural way of getting all the benefits of this flowering plant without cooking and serving it.

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